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Remembering Hui Yong

I am absolutely shocked to learn that Hui Yong has left us so tragically early. I worked with him at Avago Technologies between Mar to Sep 2006. It was a terrific joy to work with him, especially since he was very insightful in looking at any matter. That was one of the reasons he was one of the coolest persons during the Day-2 go-live phase at Avago.

May his soul rest in peace!


Makrand Dekhane

Founder & CEO MAADHYAM Consultancy [partnering with clients since 2006]

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A smiling humble professor...

As I read the eulogies posted... I start to recall this distant ex-colleague of mine back in the late 90s. 
Hu Hui Yong, our humble helpful friendly and very competent contract staff turned perm back in the HP days. Yes, I recall his smile.. his quizzical eyes behind that pair of specs...his toussled hair and his eagerness to solve all problems faced. Hui Yong, our mfg system expert. 

Reading the eulogies...touched me on how Hui Yong had touched others.  I am shocked by his sudden departure. Yes, but things do happen for a reason. 

May Hui Yong rest in peace; find rest in a better place.  My deepest condolences to his family. I pray the Lord will renew the strength of this family;  to run and not grow weary,to walk and not be faint. Be strong.

- meng ean

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Monday, June 7, 2010

a letter to a beloved brother...

brother Hui Yong,

Didnt write a letter to you before therefore, please allow me to attempt to write one...

Its really a pity to see u go so fast. I thought I just met you when i was back home for a holiday in July 09..u still look the same, happy and jovial as always..I really regret for not chatting with you a little longer...:(

I remembered back in the year 2000 when I first joined SCO-IT, most of you made me feel very comfortable joining the team, and you were definitely one of them. I remembered we were on a trip to the US together, when you were working on Everest stuff and i was in the team...I still have the picture with me. I will try to find it and post it here. Take a look at the photos I have posted here.

Thanks for being a great mentor and friend during my time as an Ops BPE...I have never seen such a technically gifted person like you. You never turn people down when they needed help...this is such a good trait, and i am sure your kids will be very proud to have a father like you.

Move Lot!! Create Lot!! Stuck transactions in Mtl_transactions_temp tables...! You had guided me to do my job very well, taught me how to debug SQL scripts etc that the 'aunties' in the shop floors can stay happy...a BIG thank you to you!

Hey btw, you were also a very sporting person (not just technically gifted). I remember you and me were in the same team during our everest team dress up day...wa lau, your dressing super Saat! really looked like a 60s man..! In my heart I thought, how can Hui Yong be so saat? Then I realise, I got eyes dont have the Tarzan!

When I left Avago/Agilent for a new life in Australia, to be honest with you, i was really disappointed and sad to leave behind such a great team...It was really enjoyable, working with the whole BPE team (chee meng - ahem matthew dim ah, Chia min - outbound expert, wu jin- che ta bian, guat eng - OM expert), especially within our Ops team as well..with you, and rui qin, its real fun!...i remember, I drew you during a team meeting on a piece of paper...(I hope Kumar is not reading this..:p ) It was so hilarious..! Btw, the paper still exists till this day and its kept in a secret place by an existing Avago employee...

brother, i dunno what to say. My letter to you seemed to 'sound' happy, but I really miss you and am actually really v sad. I know I need to let go of my sadness, and I know for sure, God and His angels are taking care of you now and you are also in a better place.

I will pray that God will continue to protect your family, so please rest assured and dont worry about them ok?

take care brother.
You will always have a place in my heart.
Jeffery Tan
Melbourne Australia

Hui Yong - Farewell

I was very shocked to hear about Hui Yong last week.  Although it was 2.5 years since I left Avago, I stlll remembered Hui Yong.  I worked with him briefly and got to know him a little bit during the Avago start-up.  I was very impressed with his knowledge and the fact that he's very generous in sharing that knowledge.  He's always helpful and always cool.  Although he's a quiet person, he had helped lots of us understand the application and the business environments.  I am glad that I had a opportunity to know him and worked with him.
My heartfelt condolences to Hui Yong's wife, children and family. 
Farewell, Hui Yong.  You'll always be remembered.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rest In Peace friend

Hui Yong, a family man, brilliant professional. Called away from us without any warning. It had been an honor and privilege knowing you, working with you, debating with you and learning from you. Rest in Peace my friend.

Charles Chan

In memory of a new friend.....

It was Tuesday morning that I first heard about his sudden departure. At that very moment, I was stunt and did not know how to react…..

Hui Yong, a name which is still fresh in my mine, knowing him, less than 2 years, I think. First met him when I was in Singapore for a project meeting during a lunch-out with the IT folks. All they talked about was marathon, marathon and marathon. These guys are healthier than me. Since then, I had chances to work with him on projects as well as day-to-day operation. He is such a knowledgeable person in what was doing and willing to learn new stuffs.

In my recent visit to Singapore (May 22-24), he was not in office when I stopped by the IT department and the next thing I know, I will not be able to see him again.

I always believe that things happened for a reason. Your departure definitely wakes us up, reminding us to live our live the fullest everyday and always appreciate everyone besides us, treasure them. I wish I could be there for you. We will always remember you, wherever you are…..goodbye my friend……

Here's a poem, with all I can remember about you

Although unheard I thank you
For being a friend
Even the we do not know each other for long

You always seemed to care

You meant so much to all of us
you were special and that's no lie
you smile will always brighten the darkest day

Even the greyest sky in any days

There may not be tears

But deep down, I know I've cried
I know that you are happy now
Cause you are no longer in pain.

I was not ready to say goodbye
When I did not even have a chance to really say Hi

So on this day, I remember you
You're always in my heart

Rest in peace, my friend…..

Warmest regards

Fun Shiang Yun 范翔云

Most remembered for things and people you touched

Dear friend, I first met you when I joined HP fresh out of school back in 1998. In my mind then you were one of those boring "geeky" guys who would write a program just to aggregate information from websites onto your PC. I have only started to really know you during the Everest days in California, and over time have found out how wonderful a person you were. You were always a great mind to pick on for ideas and solutions, and I remember always being tested on my understanding of issues whenever discussing them with you. I remember all the ups and downs we faced in the various projects, and how you would always lend a helping hand when needed.

I remember the tea breaks and the lunches, when we would laugh about work, joke about life, and poke at Kee Choi (because its easy). I remember your passion in everything you do, I remember how you would strive to excel in them; work, running, Facebook Games (Dragon Wars, Pet Dragons). I remember your laughter, your smiles, your compassion. I remember how proud you were being a father of 2 great children. Most of all, I remember how much impact you have made to all the things and people you touched.

I still cannot come to terms that the short exchange of SMS'es with you 2 weeks back, would be my very last interaction with you. But things happen for a reason. I believe you are in a better place now. Take care old friend.
Yeow Loye

In memory of a Smiler ....

Farewell, my dear friend .... you always be remembered as the smiler who had graced us with so much cheerfulness and joyful time...

You had reached out to so many of us, that we are just proud to be your friend. You had re-defined what and how a friendship should be .. as you always gave and expected nothing.

I first met you when we were in California, Agilent office Building 17 back in April, 2002, during the Everest time. Through the years, your brilliance have left behind a huge legacy within and beyond the walls of the office. Within your line of duty as the Prof Hu in HP, then Agilent, then Avago.. you have left behind a legacy of Workstream-OSFM interfaces, CM enhancements, just to name a few of the countless legacy you left behind. Beyond the walls of the offices, you had touched the hundreds if not thousands of people with your helpfulness, humbleness and most of all, a sparkling smile.

Personally, i will always remember you as a person who smiled at problems, and laughed at crisis .. and always bring nothing but cheerfulness to any arguments.

It was only 2 weeks ago, that we had lunch in Singapore, and I will dearly miss you the next time I'm in Singapore, as we have lost a smile in my next breakfast/ lunch in Singapore.

Your infectious smile will always linger on in our memory, for we all share the losing of a dear friend in our agony.

Farewell my friend ..... we will miss you!

Patrick Toh, Penang.

Tribute to you - Hui Yong

You have touched many lives! It's not an easy task but you have done it in your own way. Those memories that I have of you will be part of me forever. The good and bad times that we had will be cherished. It's not easy to say good-bye to an Angel. Rest in Peace now! You have done your part very well in this world.

The beautiful children that you left behind are your legacy and looking at them, you have done a great job in that area as well.

Well, my friend, may your soul rest in Peace !

To Yi Ning & Yi Fei - If you ever get to read this, know that you have a GREAT FATHER. One of the BEST !

I bade farewell to you MY FRIEND !

Hui Yong in Colorado Spring - Garden of the God, Pikes Peak, and Royal Gorge

5th June 2010, 2:00am (GMT +8)

I’m unable to sleep as still can’t get over losing a friend, Hui Yong. More so when his funeral is just another 8 hours from now.

Searching thru my back-up disk to search some memories, and like to share these photographs where Hui Yong had taken in Sep/Oct 2000.

All these will be in our memory forever.

My tribute to Prof Hu Hui Yong, and you will always be missed.

Garden of the God

Pikes Peak & Royal Gorge

Kind regards,
Mobile contact : +6012-4339233

Hui Yong's First and Only Marathon in June 2009

Gun Time 5:17:25, Rank 686 out of 3827 finisher.
June 2, 2009 at 7:27am

Friday, June 4, 2010

Obituaries in Straits Times (4 June)

Brilliance with emotions...That's what Hui Yong is!

I have known Hui Yong for a year and half now and have rarely seen such a person with such brilliance yet humble and composed character firmly on ground. He has been a formidable “Professor” for not only Avago folks but across the entire IT fraternity working for Avago.

I recollect our professor to break down pie into lowest decimal in seconds (even probably a calculator couldn’t calculate so fast) in our team building activity. It was indeed fascinating and inspiring.

He stays with us, forever in our heart and may God give all the strength to his family to live through these tough moments.

Hui Yong, you are always with us…



Hui Yong - A wonderful friend

It was heartbreaking when I heard the news that we have lost a nice friend.


Adversing my name is Hui Yong’s name. I was wondering why there was no interview before I joined Mijani's team from China in 1998, after working with Hui Yong for a while, I believed that was simply because Mijani “爱屋及乌” (because like a person, then like all the other persons or things that are related to the person).  In the next 2 years, we worked together, ate together, even stayed in the same flat. Hui Yong is my mentor and I could always depend on him when I hit difficulties during Worksteam and WPSII periods.


In my memory, Hui Yong is a model husband, lovely father and a happy friend who sometimes speak jokes to us. He is not a sportsman, that’s why I was so surprised when I knew him finished Marathon from his facebook last year.


The last time I met him was when I was at Esplanade a few years ago, he brought his 2 cute children, happily took video for them.


I wish all the best and a bright future for his beloved wife and children.


Yong Hui.

We will always remember you

Hui Yong, such a nice guy! A ready smile, a helpful attitude.
Such a smart guy too! He was always in every major IT project. We couldn't do without his expertise. Although I did not work closely with him in the nitty-gritty, I know he was good. He didn't take short cuts. There were times when I asked if he could close a CR (when I was in change management) because it had been around so long but he said no, because we hadn't got the right solution yet. He was quite aware and was still working on it.
We are so fortunate that he is our colleague and friend. I'm no runner and so did not have the pleasure of running with him, but once he got into the sport, he became so good at it. It shows that he is not just born clever but always does the best in whatever he pursues so that he excels.
Thank you, Hui Yong. I'm glad to have known you.
May God bless your wife and 2 lovely children.
Mei Yoong

For you - Hui Yong

Hui Yong – very helpful man and very knowledgeable. His leaving is a loss to this supply chain industry. Even if I have left Agilent for many years, whenever I need help in any areas he will never say no.. rest in peace. Will never forget your kind spirit..

Wendy Seow
Hewlett-Packard Singapore (Pte) Ltd

438B Alexandra Road
#03-01/12, Lobby 2/3
Alexandra Technopark Blk B
Singapore 119968
Tel: +65 659 72171
Fax:+65 6361 1865/1861

In Remembrance of a Truly Wonderful person

I can vividly remember his sweet and innocent chuckle on the 29th April when we had the PCR telecon just before he left to China for a holiday. I was goofing with him that he must cancel his trip if he did not resolve all the issues .......That is when he chuckled and said, 'Hey, come on Rajam !!!", and that was the last we spoke.

I have known Hui Yong from the Project Everest Days in US when he was supporting Mfg/Ops. He was truly a technical Guru, yet a rather down-to-earth and humble person. Though I have not worked with him directly, but I have consulted him numerous times pertaining to Workstream and Routing issues during my TIS days. One thing I know is that I could always depend on him whenever I needed his help and he never hesitated to render his assistance, great ideas & solutions.

We in Penang (TIS) are still in shock by this sudden demise and are deeply saddened for the loss of a Truly Wonderful Person, Hui Yong.

May God Bless you Hui Yong and be with your family during this difficult times.

Rajam - Penang

2 Wonderful Memories of Hui Yong

It is indeed very sad. Although I had never worked with him, I distinctly remember 2 very clear conversations with him and I had been referring to those incidents pretty frequently all this while:

1. During the Everest Time, when I was in US and I met first met him and he told me he was from Shanghai, naïve me (who had never been to Shanghai or China before) asked him if Shanghai was as developed as Singapore (since we heard toilet stories about China) and he defensively retorted "Of course, Shanghai is more developed than Singapore". And years later when I first step foot on Shanghai, I realized my naivety and each time I see Shanghai's progress, I always laughed at my naive question to him.
2. Also, during that time, while in US, our teams happened to eat together in a Japanese restaurant and someone had order Edamame and we were all excited over this "new" appetizer. As we all were busy fiddling and examining this strange appetizer, Hui Yong, who happened to sit across me said very casually in this thick Chinese accent " Oh, we grow a lot of this in our backyard - it is soya bean" and now every time I eat Edamame, I know I am eating lots of protein goodness :).

These are the 2 wonderful memories that I had of him that is forever etched in my mind even though we didn't work together. May God bless his soul.

Phaik Gek (Penang)

A Mentor & A Friend to Me..

It had been 2 years since i leave the team & Avago. Prof Hu was my mentor and team lead at that time. He is indeed a professor to me and yet like Mijani mentioned, he always denied it as usual. I still remember for the first few months when i started the on-call routine after i joined the team, i encountered an top priority ovsd that i have no idea to resolve in the wee hours and i have no choice but to bug him as he was my backup! Oh dear, he had to wake up to answer the call from me and guide me through. It had been very nice and patience of him. When it comes to the point that i decided to leave the team, he did called me up in the evening to talk to me for an hour to analyze with me if my decision is a right move to make and if i would want to change my mind.It had been so thoughful of him to do.
Although we are not in the same site, he had consistently mentoring me and i always go to him for help. He is always make it a point to call up if things are too complicated to explain through IM. The longest duration that we had face to face is during the 11.5.10 upgrade. I believe that had been the most enjoyable time and we even managed to celebrate his birthday in a meeting room!
I will always remember him as a mentor and i really thankful for all his efforts in coaching me. He is indeed a friend that i will always remember ever!
Ee Theng

A quiet and brilliant man...Will be remembered forever...

I have known Hui Yong only for last six months since I took over the Application team in Avago IT. My very first one on one with him during Nov 2009 is still very fresh in my memory. He told me that the book "MARATHON You can do it!" by Jeff Galloway influenced him to run a sundown marathon and 2 half marathons in Singapore.

He loves his kids and was very proud to talk about them and even show their pictures during the 'one on one'

The one thing he liked about:
Avago – Efficiency and profitability.
IT – transforming and creating "profit" by saving more for Avago.
Application team (his colleagues) – teamwork and hardworking people.

His goal was to be an expert in all key ERP areas, capable to lead ERP implementations in complicated environments.

I have attached the picture he shared with me to introduce himself. I remembered him as a tall, quiet and contented man who is THE EXPERT in Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning. I have recently met him on May 20th at work in Singapore and the hall way conversation we had is still echoing in my ears. It is heartbreaking to realize that it will be the last meeting for ever with him. I am glad that I traveled to Singapore two weeks back as it gave me an opportunity to meet him one last time.

May his soul rest in peace for ever and let the Almighty give all the strength and courage needed to his wife, young children and loved ones to handle the difficult times.


Andy Nallappan
San Jose, CA

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Moments - Prof Hu with his body-guards!

Sweet Memories of Professor Hu with two of his body guards!


Always with a friendly smile ...

I only got to know Hui Yong the recent past 2 years. We have became regular lunch buddies and a group of us will go out. He always have a ready smile and personality that put everyone at ease around him.

He always have something positive to say and will always encourage people to be their best ... during our IT Walk-fit program, he always encourages me to do more, walk more and run more. He will not push you but instead encourages you to increase the intensity slowly ... build up the momentum slowly to achieve your final goal. He will never say no to a walk-about to lunch

He is very proud of our heritage and is also our residence Chinese translator ... anyone who wants complex translation into Chinese or the other way round ... Hui Yong is the go to guy and he will always help no matter how busy he is. Haaahaaa ... I guess that is why I always call him China-man.

My heartfelt condolences goes to his wife and 2 children.

I will surely miss him and will always remember him with fond memories. Be at peace my China-man friend


The good die young as the song goes but Hui Yong will always be alive in our memories

When I heard the news that we have lost a friend and a brilliant mind,
I simply could not believe it. I literally went into shock. He was
just too young to be gone so suddenly. I first met him when we were
in US working on Everest Project.

He was a very quiet humble guy but once you get to know him, you will find him a very helpful guy. And his brain! it was so brilliant. He
was so strong technically that he was able to resolve most technical
problems with ease. Those he can't solve, he was able to suggest good alternatives.

He is a great loss to Avago and to the world. He will be forever miss
by all of us. The good die young as the song goes, but we will all
keep him alive in our memories. I wish all the best and a bright
future for his wife and 2 kids.

Still feeling so sad and shocked - from Geok Eng (Penang)

in remembrance of a great guy ....

Although i've not worked very closely with Hui Yong over the years, my few encounters have been very pleasant memories.  He's very helpful, as many have attested to, & prompt in his responses, clearly having a strong sense of urgency.  Through the years, we in IT / Biz Support / IT & the user community have come to acknowledge him as the Guru in the Mfg/Planning arena.  He will be dearly missed by us all.  May God bless his soul ! 

with fond memories,

Eulogy for our Beloved Friend & Colleague - Hui Yong

I am sure his family would really appreciate it especially Hui Yong's kids when they read how well regarded and honored he is by his friends and colleagues, a side of Hui Yong which they may not have seen.

- Kumaraguru

A Friend to be Remembered

There are too many things one can write about Huiyong. He is such a person who was a subject matter expert for many areas like WorkStream, Oracle, Excel etc... Whenever there is an issue arises, he will automatically be one of the first person to seek for help.

Huiyong introduces me to the world of Excel VBA. I am so fascinated with his knowledge in this area, whereby with just a few simple sentences he wrote all manual executions can be replace by the macro. Amazing!

Thank you for having the thoughtfulness & dedication at work for not waking me up earlier than 6AM to check on the forecast interfaces although you had already completed your rounds of checks earlier than that.

Huiyong will always be remembered by me for being such a wonderful Colleague & Friend. We shall miss your laughter and jokes around us. Joanne.

Hui Yong - humble & always being helpful

03-Jun-2010 3:07 PM
I don't recall meeting Hui Yong in person during the setup years. However I have dealt with him via email and chatting quite a few times. From his replies I know he is a very humble person, he replies all my mails. Most of my mails are issue based on Oracle and he always helps out...... that made me going back to him for more help...I will truly miss a very special person like him. I pray for him to rest in peace and pray that god leads a bright path for his loving widow and children to move on life.

With Deepest Sympathy,
Vigneshweri (a very satisfied Oracle end user fo Hui Yong's great support

Shocking news to have lost a friend - Hui Yong

I left Agilent for 10 years, and I knew Hui Yong since Mijani brought him to Penang (that was still HP days), and like Mijani said, he wasn't able to communicate well in English. But that was not a problem for most of us, as we can still communicate in Mandarin. He is definitely a brilliant guy.

If my memory serves me well, we were working together not just on WorkStream, but also the WPSII proliferation to SCO. That was still under Chin Hong & Boon Sin time, and we were working from the 5th floor Depot Road side.

When William and I were in US with HuiYong, we always like to tease him even when shopping at Cosco, Safeway, etc… by taking up a product and show him “又是中国来的” (“see, China product again”). Hui Yong will always defend for his home land. He told me that China has developed so where and still developing. He said “两日一小变,三日一大变” (“Minor changes/development every 2 days, and major changes/development every 3 days”) in China. He knows we were just pulling his legs, and we had jokes and fun together.

HuiYong and I attended the Oracle OSFM CAB in Redwood City together, he came out with his brilliant ideas, but credit was left to me as I helped to translate and explain to the group. Hui Yong was perfectly fine with that… and that is Prof Hu.

The last time I met him was when I was in the Avago Yishun site (I was in HP then) to help out a project. Mijani & HuiYong invited me for lunch in a restaurant nearby, and I never expected that it became the last time I saw him.

Li Qin, this is the hardest moment for you and your children.
We are sad and I’m sure it will be much-much-much more for your family.
Life has to go on for you and the 2 children, and to be strong in facing the situation.
Our Prof Hu has left behind another 2 little brilliants for the future.

HuiYong will always be missed, and may his soul rest in peace.

Shocking sad feeling from Wee (Penang)

My great neighbor in office and my lunch mate!

On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 1:35 AM, Guat-Eng Tan wrote:
I had known him for 10 years. He has always been my neighbour in office and my lunch mate.

He left behind his wife who is a homemaker, his 12-yr-old daughter and his America-born 9-yr-old son.

A few of us had gone down to keep the wife and kids company for a few hours today and will continue to do so.

It is indeed very sad and I keep going back to the yahoo chats and phone text that I had with him.

Guat Eng

His Legacy

Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 12:59 AM
Indeed very sad and shocking. Some of you may have known Hui Yong longer than I do. My association with him goes back 7 years to Agilent days. I very quickly learnt what a brilliant mind and great person he was. Since then I had great respect for him. One of the best and brightest I have worked with. The legacy he leaves behind is the CM Enhancement solution. May his soul rest in peace.

Shreyas Shah
Sr. Director, Global Information Technology
Avago Technologies
W: 1-408-435-4790

Professor Hu

Prof Hu! Each time I addressed him with Prof, he would kick a fuss. But I just cannot help it, because as Shreyas has put it, he simply has the brightest and brilliant mind! Whenever any of us come to him for consultations or questions, he sure have the answer for us!

I know Hui Yong since HP days. I was the one who interviewed him. His English may not be so fluent at that time as he just newly arrived from China. But yes, he came to me as a very brilliant guy from start.
He's so animated when asked about technical questions and when I asked him to explain in Chinese. (haha tho' my own Chinese was miserably less than half-past-six!)

It's natural for us human beings to ask 'Why'? Well, seeking to understand is part of our so-called 'survival instinct'. It happened for a reason for sure but I have come to terms for anything beyond life, it's beyond my comprehension... so I'll leave it to Our Creator! Instead, let us continue to pray and offer help where we can for his home-maker wife, for many extra dosage of love and comforts, hope and strength to continue with life and in bringing up the two school aged children.

Rest In Peace, My Beloved Friend!