Friday, June 4, 2010

Hui Yong - A wonderful friend

It was heartbreaking when I heard the news that we have lost a nice friend.


Adversing my name is Hui Yong’s name. I was wondering why there was no interview before I joined Mijani's team from China in 1998, after working with Hui Yong for a while, I believed that was simply because Mijani “爱屋及乌” (because like a person, then like all the other persons or things that are related to the person).  In the next 2 years, we worked together, ate together, even stayed in the same flat. Hui Yong is my mentor and I could always depend on him when I hit difficulties during Worksteam and WPSII periods.


In my memory, Hui Yong is a model husband, lovely father and a happy friend who sometimes speak jokes to us. He is not a sportsman, that’s why I was so surprised when I knew him finished Marathon from his facebook last year.


The last time I met him was when I was at Esplanade a few years ago, he brought his 2 cute children, happily took video for them.


I wish all the best and a bright future for his beloved wife and children.


Yong Hui.

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