Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rest In Peace friend

Hui Yong, a family man, brilliant professional. Called away from us without any warning. It had been an honor and privilege knowing you, working with you, debating with you and learning from you. Rest in Peace my friend.

Charles Chan

In memory of a new friend.....

It was Tuesday morning that I first heard about his sudden departure. At that very moment, I was stunt and did not know how to react…..

Hui Yong, a name which is still fresh in my mine, knowing him, less than 2 years, I think. First met him when I was in Singapore for a project meeting during a lunch-out with the IT folks. All they talked about was marathon, marathon and marathon. These guys are healthier than me. Since then, I had chances to work with him on projects as well as day-to-day operation. He is such a knowledgeable person in what was doing and willing to learn new stuffs.

In my recent visit to Singapore (May 22-24), he was not in office when I stopped by the IT department and the next thing I know, I will not be able to see him again.

I always believe that things happened for a reason. Your departure definitely wakes us up, reminding us to live our live the fullest everyday and always appreciate everyone besides us, treasure them. I wish I could be there for you. We will always remember you, wherever you are…..goodbye my friend……

Here's a poem, with all I can remember about you

Although unheard I thank you
For being a friend
Even the we do not know each other for long

You always seemed to care

You meant so much to all of us
you were special and that's no lie
you smile will always brighten the darkest day

Even the greyest sky in any days

There may not be tears

But deep down, I know I've cried
I know that you are happy now
Cause you are no longer in pain.

I was not ready to say goodbye
When I did not even have a chance to really say Hi

So on this day, I remember you
You're always in my heart

Rest in peace, my friend…..

Warmest regards

Fun Shiang Yun 范翔云

Most remembered for things and people you touched

Dear friend, I first met you when I joined HP fresh out of school back in 1998. In my mind then you were one of those boring "geeky" guys who would write a program just to aggregate information from websites onto your PC. I have only started to really know you during the Everest days in California, and over time have found out how wonderful a person you were. You were always a great mind to pick on for ideas and solutions, and I remember always being tested on my understanding of issues whenever discussing them with you. I remember all the ups and downs we faced in the various projects, and how you would always lend a helping hand when needed.

I remember the tea breaks and the lunches, when we would laugh about work, joke about life, and poke at Kee Choi (because its easy). I remember your passion in everything you do, I remember how you would strive to excel in them; work, running, Facebook Games (Dragon Wars, Pet Dragons). I remember your laughter, your smiles, your compassion. I remember how proud you were being a father of 2 great children. Most of all, I remember how much impact you have made to all the things and people you touched.

I still cannot come to terms that the short exchange of SMS'es with you 2 weeks back, would be my very last interaction with you. But things happen for a reason. I believe you are in a better place now. Take care old friend.
Yeow Loye

In memory of a Smiler ....

Farewell, my dear friend .... you always be remembered as the smiler who had graced us with so much cheerfulness and joyful time...

You had reached out to so many of us, that we are just proud to be your friend. You had re-defined what and how a friendship should be .. as you always gave and expected nothing.

I first met you when we were in California, Agilent office Building 17 back in April, 2002, during the Everest time. Through the years, your brilliance have left behind a huge legacy within and beyond the walls of the office. Within your line of duty as the Prof Hu in HP, then Agilent, then Avago.. you have left behind a legacy of Workstream-OSFM interfaces, CM enhancements, just to name a few of the countless legacy you left behind. Beyond the walls of the offices, you had touched the hundreds if not thousands of people with your helpfulness, humbleness and most of all, a sparkling smile.

Personally, i will always remember you as a person who smiled at problems, and laughed at crisis .. and always bring nothing but cheerfulness to any arguments.

It was only 2 weeks ago, that we had lunch in Singapore, and I will dearly miss you the next time I'm in Singapore, as we have lost a smile in my next breakfast/ lunch in Singapore.

Your infectious smile will always linger on in our memory, for we all share the losing of a dear friend in our agony.

Farewell my friend ..... we will miss you!

Patrick Toh, Penang.

Tribute to you - Hui Yong

You have touched many lives! It's not an easy task but you have done it in your own way. Those memories that I have of you will be part of me forever. The good and bad times that we had will be cherished. It's not easy to say good-bye to an Angel. Rest in Peace now! You have done your part very well in this world.

The beautiful children that you left behind are your legacy and looking at them, you have done a great job in that area as well.

Well, my friend, may your soul rest in Peace !

To Yi Ning & Yi Fei - If you ever get to read this, know that you have a GREAT FATHER. One of the BEST !

I bade farewell to you MY FRIEND !

Hui Yong in Colorado Spring - Garden of the God, Pikes Peak, and Royal Gorge

5th June 2010, 2:00am (GMT +8)

I’m unable to sleep as still can’t get over losing a friend, Hui Yong. More so when his funeral is just another 8 hours from now.

Searching thru my back-up disk to search some memories, and like to share these photographs where Hui Yong had taken in Sep/Oct 2000.

All these will be in our memory forever.

My tribute to Prof Hu Hui Yong, and you will always be missed.

Garden of the God

Pikes Peak & Royal Gorge

Kind regards,
Mobile contact : +6012-4339233

Hui Yong's First and Only Marathon in June 2009

Gun Time 5:17:25, Rank 686 out of 3827 finisher.
June 2, 2009 at 7:27am