Saturday, June 5, 2010

In memory of a Smiler ....

Farewell, my dear friend .... you always be remembered as the smiler who had graced us with so much cheerfulness and joyful time...

You had reached out to so many of us, that we are just proud to be your friend. You had re-defined what and how a friendship should be .. as you always gave and expected nothing.

I first met you when we were in California, Agilent office Building 17 back in April, 2002, during the Everest time. Through the years, your brilliance have left behind a huge legacy within and beyond the walls of the office. Within your line of duty as the Prof Hu in HP, then Agilent, then Avago.. you have left behind a legacy of Workstream-OSFM interfaces, CM enhancements, just to name a few of the countless legacy you left behind. Beyond the walls of the offices, you had touched the hundreds if not thousands of people with your helpfulness, humbleness and most of all, a sparkling smile.

Personally, i will always remember you as a person who smiled at problems, and laughed at crisis .. and always bring nothing but cheerfulness to any arguments.

It was only 2 weeks ago, that we had lunch in Singapore, and I will dearly miss you the next time I'm in Singapore, as we have lost a smile in my next breakfast/ lunch in Singapore.

Your infectious smile will always linger on in our memory, for we all share the losing of a dear friend in our agony.

Farewell my friend ..... we will miss you!

Patrick Toh, Penang.

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