Monday, June 7, 2010

a letter to a beloved brother...

brother Hui Yong,

Didnt write a letter to you before therefore, please allow me to attempt to write one...

Its really a pity to see u go so fast. I thought I just met you when i was back home for a holiday in July 09..u still look the same, happy and jovial as always..I really regret for not chatting with you a little longer...:(

I remembered back in the year 2000 when I first joined SCO-IT, most of you made me feel very comfortable joining the team, and you were definitely one of them. I remembered we were on a trip to the US together, when you were working on Everest stuff and i was in the team...I still have the picture with me. I will try to find it and post it here. Take a look at the photos I have posted here.

Thanks for being a great mentor and friend during my time as an Ops BPE...I have never seen such a technically gifted person like you. You never turn people down when they needed help...this is such a good trait, and i am sure your kids will be very proud to have a father like you.

Move Lot!! Create Lot!! Stuck transactions in Mtl_transactions_temp tables...! You had guided me to do my job very well, taught me how to debug SQL scripts etc that the 'aunties' in the shop floors can stay happy...a BIG thank you to you!

Hey btw, you were also a very sporting person (not just technically gifted). I remember you and me were in the same team during our everest team dress up day...wa lau, your dressing super Saat! really looked like a 60s man..! In my heart I thought, how can Hui Yong be so saat? Then I realise, I got eyes dont have the Tarzan!

When I left Avago/Agilent for a new life in Australia, to be honest with you, i was really disappointed and sad to leave behind such a great team...It was really enjoyable, working with the whole BPE team (chee meng - ahem matthew dim ah, Chia min - outbound expert, wu jin- che ta bian, guat eng - OM expert), especially within our Ops team as well..with you, and rui qin, its real fun!...i remember, I drew you during a team meeting on a piece of paper...(I hope Kumar is not reading this..:p ) It was so hilarious..! Btw, the paper still exists till this day and its kept in a secret place by an existing Avago employee...

brother, i dunno what to say. My letter to you seemed to 'sound' happy, but I really miss you and am actually really v sad. I know I need to let go of my sadness, and I know for sure, God and His angels are taking care of you now and you are also in a better place.

I will pray that God will continue to protect your family, so please rest assured and dont worry about them ok?

take care brother.
You will always have a place in my heart.
Jeffery Tan
Melbourne Australia

Hui Yong - Farewell

I was very shocked to hear about Hui Yong last week.  Although it was 2.5 years since I left Avago, I stlll remembered Hui Yong.  I worked with him briefly and got to know him a little bit during the Avago start-up.  I was very impressed with his knowledge and the fact that he's very generous in sharing that knowledge.  He's always helpful and always cool.  Although he's a quiet person, he had helped lots of us understand the application and the business environments.  I am glad that I had a opportunity to know him and worked with him.
My heartfelt condolences to Hui Yong's wife, children and family. 
Farewell, Hui Yong.  You'll always be remembered.