Saturday, June 5, 2010

Most remembered for things and people you touched

Dear friend, I first met you when I joined HP fresh out of school back in 1998. In my mind then you were one of those boring "geeky" guys who would write a program just to aggregate information from websites onto your PC. I have only started to really know you during the Everest days in California, and over time have found out how wonderful a person you were. You were always a great mind to pick on for ideas and solutions, and I remember always being tested on my understanding of issues whenever discussing them with you. I remember all the ups and downs we faced in the various projects, and how you would always lend a helping hand when needed.

I remember the tea breaks and the lunches, when we would laugh about work, joke about life, and poke at Kee Choi (because its easy). I remember your passion in everything you do, I remember how you would strive to excel in them; work, running, Facebook Games (Dragon Wars, Pet Dragons). I remember your laughter, your smiles, your compassion. I remember how proud you were being a father of 2 great children. Most of all, I remember how much impact you have made to all the things and people you touched.

I still cannot come to terms that the short exchange of SMS'es with you 2 weeks back, would be my very last interaction with you. But things happen for a reason. I believe you are in a better place now. Take care old friend.
Yeow Loye

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