Friday, June 4, 2010

A Mentor & A Friend to Me..

It had been 2 years since i leave the team & Avago. Prof Hu was my mentor and team lead at that time. He is indeed a professor to me and yet like Mijani mentioned, he always denied it as usual. I still remember for the first few months when i started the on-call routine after i joined the team, i encountered an top priority ovsd that i have no idea to resolve in the wee hours and i have no choice but to bug him as he was my backup! Oh dear, he had to wake up to answer the call from me and guide me through. It had been very nice and patience of him. When it comes to the point that i decided to leave the team, he did called me up in the evening to talk to me for an hour to analyze with me if my decision is a right move to make and if i would want to change my mind.It had been so thoughful of him to do.
Although we are not in the same site, he had consistently mentoring me and i always go to him for help. He is always make it a point to call up if things are too complicated to explain through IM. The longest duration that we had face to face is during the 11.5.10 upgrade. I believe that had been the most enjoyable time and we even managed to celebrate his birthday in a meeting room!
I will always remember him as a mentor and i really thankful for all his efforts in coaching me. He is indeed a friend that i will always remember ever!
Ee Theng

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