Friday, June 4, 2010

A quiet and brilliant man...Will be remembered forever...

I have known Hui Yong only for last six months since I took over the Application team in Avago IT. My very first one on one with him during Nov 2009 is still very fresh in my memory. He told me that the book "MARATHON You can do it!" by Jeff Galloway influenced him to run a sundown marathon and 2 half marathons in Singapore.

He loves his kids and was very proud to talk about them and even show their pictures during the 'one on one'

The one thing he liked about:
Avago – Efficiency and profitability.
IT – transforming and creating "profit" by saving more for Avago.
Application team (his colleagues) – teamwork and hardworking people.

His goal was to be an expert in all key ERP areas, capable to lead ERP implementations in complicated environments.

I have attached the picture he shared with me to introduce himself. I remembered him as a tall, quiet and contented man who is THE EXPERT in Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning. I have recently met him on May 20th at work in Singapore and the hall way conversation we had is still echoing in my ears. It is heartbreaking to realize that it will be the last meeting for ever with him. I am glad that I traveled to Singapore two weeks back as it gave me an opportunity to meet him one last time.

May his soul rest in peace for ever and let the Almighty give all the strength and courage needed to his wife, young children and loved ones to handle the difficult times.


Andy Nallappan
San Jose, CA

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