Friday, June 4, 2010

2 Wonderful Memories of Hui Yong

It is indeed very sad. Although I had never worked with him, I distinctly remember 2 very clear conversations with him and I had been referring to those incidents pretty frequently all this while:

1. During the Everest Time, when I was in US and I met first met him and he told me he was from Shanghai, naïve me (who had never been to Shanghai or China before) asked him if Shanghai was as developed as Singapore (since we heard toilet stories about China) and he defensively retorted "Of course, Shanghai is more developed than Singapore". And years later when I first step foot on Shanghai, I realized my naivety and each time I see Shanghai's progress, I always laughed at my naive question to him.
2. Also, during that time, while in US, our teams happened to eat together in a Japanese restaurant and someone had order Edamame and we were all excited over this "new" appetizer. As we all were busy fiddling and examining this strange appetizer, Hui Yong, who happened to sit across me said very casually in this thick Chinese accent " Oh, we grow a lot of this in our backyard - it is soya bean" and now every time I eat Edamame, I know I am eating lots of protein goodness :).

These are the 2 wonderful memories that I had of him that is forever etched in my mind even though we didn't work together. May God bless his soul.

Phaik Gek (Penang)

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