Friday, June 4, 2010

In Remembrance of a Truly Wonderful person

I can vividly remember his sweet and innocent chuckle on the 29th April when we had the PCR telecon just before he left to China for a holiday. I was goofing with him that he must cancel his trip if he did not resolve all the issues .......That is when he chuckled and said, 'Hey, come on Rajam !!!", and that was the last we spoke.

I have known Hui Yong from the Project Everest Days in US when he was supporting Mfg/Ops. He was truly a technical Guru, yet a rather down-to-earth and humble person. Though I have not worked with him directly, but I have consulted him numerous times pertaining to Workstream and Routing issues during my TIS days. One thing I know is that I could always depend on him whenever I needed his help and he never hesitated to render his assistance, great ideas & solutions.

We in Penang (TIS) are still in shock by this sudden demise and are deeply saddened for the loss of a Truly Wonderful Person, Hui Yong.

May God Bless you Hui Yong and be with your family during this difficult times.

Rajam - Penang

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