Friday, June 4, 2010

We will always remember you

Hui Yong, such a nice guy! A ready smile, a helpful attitude.
Such a smart guy too! He was always in every major IT project. We couldn't do without his expertise. Although I did not work closely with him in the nitty-gritty, I know he was good. He didn't take short cuts. There were times when I asked if he could close a CR (when I was in change management) because it had been around so long but he said no, because we hadn't got the right solution yet. He was quite aware and was still working on it.
We are so fortunate that he is our colleague and friend. I'm no runner and so did not have the pleasure of running with him, but once he got into the sport, he became so good at it. It shows that he is not just born clever but always does the best in whatever he pursues so that he excels.
Thank you, Hui Yong. I'm glad to have known you.
May God bless your wife and 2 lovely children.
Mei Yoong

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