Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shocking news to have lost a friend - Hui Yong

I left Agilent for 10 years, and I knew Hui Yong since Mijani brought him to Penang (that was still HP days), and like Mijani said, he wasn't able to communicate well in English. But that was not a problem for most of us, as we can still communicate in Mandarin. He is definitely a brilliant guy.

If my memory serves me well, we were working together not just on WorkStream, but also the WPSII proliferation to SCO. That was still under Chin Hong & Boon Sin time, and we were working from the 5th floor Depot Road side.

When William and I were in US with HuiYong, we always like to tease him even when shopping at Cosco, Safeway, etc… by taking up a product and show him “又是中国来的” (“see, China product again”). Hui Yong will always defend for his home land. He told me that China has developed so where and still developing. He said “两日一小变,三日一大变” (“Minor changes/development every 2 days, and major changes/development every 3 days”) in China. He knows we were just pulling his legs, and we had jokes and fun together.

HuiYong and I attended the Oracle OSFM CAB in Redwood City together, he came out with his brilliant ideas, but credit was left to me as I helped to translate and explain to the group. Hui Yong was perfectly fine with that… and that is Prof Hu.

The last time I met him was when I was in the Avago Yishun site (I was in HP then) to help out a project. Mijani & HuiYong invited me for lunch in a restaurant nearby, and I never expected that it became the last time I saw him.

Li Qin, this is the hardest moment for you and your children.
We are sad and I’m sure it will be much-much-much more for your family.
Life has to go on for you and the 2 children, and to be strong in facing the situation.
Our Prof Hu has left behind another 2 little brilliants for the future.

HuiYong will always be missed, and may his soul rest in peace.

Shocking sad feeling from Wee (Penang)

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