Thursday, June 3, 2010

Always with a friendly smile ...

I only got to know Hui Yong the recent past 2 years. We have became regular lunch buddies and a group of us will go out. He always have a ready smile and personality that put everyone at ease around him.

He always have something positive to say and will always encourage people to be their best ... during our IT Walk-fit program, he always encourages me to do more, walk more and run more. He will not push you but instead encourages you to increase the intensity slowly ... build up the momentum slowly to achieve your final goal. He will never say no to a walk-about to lunch

He is very proud of our heritage and is also our residence Chinese translator ... anyone who wants complex translation into Chinese or the other way round ... Hui Yong is the go to guy and he will always help no matter how busy he is. Haaahaaa ... I guess that is why I always call him China-man.

My heartfelt condolences goes to his wife and 2 children.

I will surely miss him and will always remember him with fond memories. Be at peace my China-man friend


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