Thursday, June 3, 2010

Professor Hu

Prof Hu! Each time I addressed him with Prof, he would kick a fuss. But I just cannot help it, because as Shreyas has put it, he simply has the brightest and brilliant mind! Whenever any of us come to him for consultations or questions, he sure have the answer for us!

I know Hui Yong since HP days. I was the one who interviewed him. His English may not be so fluent at that time as he just newly arrived from China. But yes, he came to me as a very brilliant guy from start.
He's so animated when asked about technical questions and when I asked him to explain in Chinese. (haha tho' my own Chinese was miserably less than half-past-six!)

It's natural for us human beings to ask 'Why'? Well, seeking to understand is part of our so-called 'survival instinct'. It happened for a reason for sure but I have come to terms for anything beyond life, it's beyond my comprehension... so I'll leave it to Our Creator! Instead, let us continue to pray and offer help where we can for his home-maker wife, for many extra dosage of love and comforts, hope and strength to continue with life and in bringing up the two school aged children.

Rest In Peace, My Beloved Friend!

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