Thursday, June 3, 2010

The good die young as the song goes but Hui Yong will always be alive in our memories

When I heard the news that we have lost a friend and a brilliant mind,
I simply could not believe it. I literally went into shock. He was
just too young to be gone so suddenly. I first met him when we were
in US working on Everest Project.

He was a very quiet humble guy but once you get to know him, you will find him a very helpful guy. And his brain! it was so brilliant. He
was so strong technically that he was able to resolve most technical
problems with ease. Those he can't solve, he was able to suggest good alternatives.

He is a great loss to Avago and to the world. He will be forever miss
by all of us. The good die young as the song goes, but we will all
keep him alive in our memories. I wish all the best and a bright
future for his wife and 2 kids.

Still feeling so sad and shocked - from Geok Eng (Penang)

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