Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Friend to be Remembered

There are too many things one can write about Huiyong. He is such a person who was a subject matter expert for many areas like WorkStream, Oracle, Excel etc... Whenever there is an issue arises, he will automatically be one of the first person to seek for help.

Huiyong introduces me to the world of Excel VBA. I am so fascinated with his knowledge in this area, whereby with just a few simple sentences he wrote all manual executions can be replace by the macro. Amazing!

Thank you for having the thoughtfulness & dedication at work for not waking me up earlier than 6AM to check on the forecast interfaces although you had already completed your rounds of checks earlier than that.

Huiyong will always be remembered by me for being such a wonderful Colleague & Friend. We shall miss your laughter and jokes around us. Joanne.

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